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Phone: 315-569-8875

We are located in Truckee, California

Tahoe Doodles

We are small local breeders who only have only 1 -2  litters available each  year. We are located in Truckee, California, 15 minutes away from Lake Tahoe.

We have a passion for our dogs and the puppies we produce.

Our dogs are our family and we strive to provide them the best  life with tons of love, long hikes and hours of belly rubs.


We utilize Puppy Culture - a training and socialization program that capitalizes on puppies’ first 12 weeks of life to help them become calm, confident enrichment seekers!


We love meeting potential parents for our puppies so don't hesitate to contact us.

We take our time to ensure all our dogs are health tested after 2 years of age so their results are accurate.


We test for :

  • hips dysplasia - OFA

  • elbow dysplasia - OFA

  • eyes - OFA

  • heart - OFA

  • Genetic diseases

What is
Puppy Culture?

We raise all of our puppies in our home using the ‘Puppy Culture Protocol. We health test all of our mamas and choose only those studs that also have all proper health testing done. We make sure that our pregnant females have all their needs met and we are carefully selecting what they are eating, to ensure proper development of puppies and mama’s happiness and health.


When the puppies turn three days old, we start Early Neurological Stimulation that we implement daily for next 2 week. The proven benefits of ENS are a tolerance to stressful things, puppies tend to be able to resist disease and have a stronger immune system and heart.


At about 18 days we start potty training our puppies. Puppies have the instinct to “keep their den clean” so we place grass pads in their play pen where they can go to the bathroom. Most of our puppies learn quickly to use only designated area for pee and poo. We encourage parents to use grass pads after they take their fur baby home to minimize number of accidents in unwanted areas. We like to make sure that during this time our puppies are introduced to children of all ages, and adults with different characteristics.


Puppy culture helps us to teach our puppies these skills

  1. Communication between humans and dogs.

  2. Emotional stability

  3. The ability to recover easily from fear

  4. Being able to cope with stress

  5. Habituation

  6. Enrichment

  7. Health

  8. Learned behaviors So that they can exist in a human society.

  9. Love For animals and humans


To create enriched puppy environment, we add new toys and obstacles every day to the puppy pay pen. The more objects and textures they are exposed to the better their cognitive development. Additionally, by exposing puppies to different noises, we start teaching our puppies how to bounce back from fear which is essential for them to become confident adult dogs. This helps to avoid aggression in adult dogs. At 4 weeks puppies can start being conditioned to a training marker. We will use a training clicker to help puppies learn proper way to communicate with their owner. This can help to create less frustration for puppies and their new owners and reduce unwanted behavior such as jumping. 

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