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Become a guardian parent

What is a guardian home?

A ‘Guardian family ’  agree to raise and care for a breeder’s dog as a loved family pet for the duration of its breeding career.


How it works ?

 A guardian parents pay a deposit  for the Guardian Puppy to be refunded when the dog has delivered her last litter. This helps ensure both parties are invested in the dog’s wellbeing and the breeding process.


We breed a dog four times back-to-back in order to make the breeding carrier as short as possible. 


We cover all the expenses related to the breeding process.


When your dog is ready to whelp her litter, likely she will return to the breeder for about nine weeks. 


What to expect?

You can expect extra vet visits, check-ups and your pet going on ‘honeymoon’. While we always will work with you, you need to be willing to be supportive of the process and be accommodating with balancing your family life and your pet’s needs.


What are the benefits of becoming a guardian parent?

Bernedoodles and poodles are expensive breed and not every family can afford this type of purchase. By becoming a guardian parent you will receive a puppy with great genetic without having to pay top dollar. 

You will also receive $1000 for each litter as a thank you for your help in the process.

If you are interested or have more question regarding becoming a guardian parent please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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