Beautiful and Beloved


Bobbi is a smart cookie with a big personality. She loves to play fetch with her brother, eat vanilla ice cream and steal her parents shoes. Bobbi is an amazing  aunt who  plays and helps entertain puppies the whole day.

She is only 9 months and will join a breeding program in 1.5 year.

Bobbi is a standard poodle with beautiful and unique phantom/brindle markings.


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 Speaking as  "totally unbiased" parents - Velma  is one of the most beautiful bernedodles we have ever seen; definitely the most loving and affectionate. She is an attention seeker and if she could she would spend her whole life lying in our arms. She is a 68 pounds, F1 standard bernedoodle and convinced she is a lap dog. Velma is the true definition of a gentle giant.

Velma is genetically tested and is cleared from all genetic diseases.

Embark genetic make up

Performed health tests:

Hips and Elbows (OFS)



Health certificets available upon request.